Meghan Markle really hard to work with?


One of the most important reasons why working for royalty is difficult is that, well, they are working for the most famous family in the world.

To say that the Queen's employees have constant spotlight pointed at them is a huge euphemism. Yes, they have privileges that other types of work do not have, such as:

  • Participating in real parties
  • Know the real family better than most
  • Attending first-run films in the palace theater (usually before the movie hits theaters)

Still, palace staff work long hours under unusual circumstances, usually under high-speed limitations. On the other hand, an assistant of the palace or butler can be invited to take a walk in the afternoon and talk with one of the members of the royalty. The requirements are vast and varied. What is it like working for the real family and newcomer Meghan Markle?

What does it take to work at the palace?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

While discussing his work, former Royal Protection Officer Simon Morgan said that royalty:

"[Are] accustomed to protection, is called crib to grave, that is what they receive, and they know very well how protective agents should work, behave and look. They understand all these things before you even get there.

Although palace officials become close to the family, they must also lose specific amounts of their freedom. Intensive training, hours, and number of jobs can affect workers, many of whom remain in service for shorter periods.

Working for Meghan Markle

For the past two years the Duchess of Sussex has:

  • They get engaged
  • Got married
  • I had to learn the actual protocol
  • Had family problems
  • He had to learn the intricacies of working with a private assistant secretary
  • Got pregnant
  • Moved to another house a little removed
  • He piloted the renovation of his new house
  • Become a patron to four charities
  • The delivery date has almost arrived

Amy Pickerill, Meghan's secretary and assistant, assisted her in each of these significant events, including adjusting to her new life as a duchess.

Despite the media reports, Pickerill is exceptionally close to Meghan and will remain until after the birth of the son of Meghan and Harry. Pickerill will also remain as Meghan's long-term advisor.

Samantha Cohen, who worked for the royal family for 17 years, was Queen Elizabeth's private secretary. She will also be leaving her position as a practicing private secretary for Meghan, but probably because it is time to find other outlets and because she is a little more traditional than some of the younger members of the royalty.

Although Meghan is an early riser and stays in touch with her staff throughout the day, there seems to be no ill-will about Meghan's work style.

Baby Sussex is on its way

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The invisible India charity work of Meghan captured in newly released footage as she advocates girls' right to an education – with charity @WorldVisionUK in 2017. To support mynamahila organizations and policies that are working on menstrual health management; to break the stigma around menstruation. Thanks @itvnewsroyals. . Co-founders Suhani Jalota and Meena Jagdish Ramani took BT on a Myna Mahila Foundation tour in Govandi, also remembering Meghan's two-day visit to her office in Mumbai last year. What impressed Suhani about Meghan was that she did not overreact to things. She said, "I was worried that Meghan might be one of those people who could glamorize the question about how some girls fail to study in India when they have menstrual periods. But fortunately, she did not think the problem was worse than it really was, like most foreigners. She had worked on this issue in Africa as well. She was well aware, so she did not ask basic questions like, "Why not wear earplugs?" She knew of the challenges we face in India, some of them being basic issues like water scarcity. She spoke of practical measures and that was the reason why we had this genuine connection. She did not pretend to be what she was not. When she was here, this place had no electricity, but that did not seem to bother her. She visited women in their homes around. She also shared a meal with us. We even have a sari and blouse tailored for her at night. We got bracelets for her and we helped her cover her sari. She's one of the humblest people we know. "

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Everything in the Duchess of Sussex's life focuses on the arrival of her baby. In March, Meghan began her official maternity leave. Meghan's team is doing overtime.

Some of the media said the adjustment to the restrictions involving being a duchess was difficult for Meghan. A palace source said reports that Meghan was difficult to work are not accurate. ET shares this quote from the authoritative source:

She has many loyal assistants who enjoy working with her and are impressed with her commitment to humanitarian initiatives and her openness to learning from experienced courtiers and palace officials about the actual protocol.

In other words, the statements that Meghan is challenging to work on are exaggerated. The Duchess of Sussex is all about hard work, brainstorming and long days. When Meghan meets individuals who can relate to their manners and preferences, everything will be fine at Frogmore House.


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