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Legendary Lake Trio reported in the wild!

Coaches, reports are coming from all over the world, that the recently announced Lake Trio is now available on Pokémon GO. Yes, I am aware that this might be expected, but what does not seem right is that these reports state that the legendary Lake Trio is available to catch in the wild, something we've never seen before when it comes to Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Available Information

As of now, there are few things we know and the only knowledge we have is based on reports submitted by users. Naturally, we present this information with caution and notice to our readers. Stay tuned as we will update as more information becomes available.

Lake Trio announced

Soon after the first reports start arriving at Lake Trio, GO Pokémon led to Twitter to announce its presence, however, what they said is as vague as anything.

Spawns reported

As of now, all three members of the Legendary Lake Trio have been indicted. In different parts of the world, apparently without rhyme or reason. However, a popular theory as of now is that its appearance is directly linked to large bodies of water nearby.

Credits for these images go to Kelven and other online trainers!

Regional Spawns

As of now there are no indications that this would be the case, but based on the fact that so far Azelf has only been reported from the Americas, Uxie from Asia-Pacific and Mesprit from Europe, we believe there is a strong possibility that your spawns may be linked to specific regions of the world.

We'll keep you up to date with specific regions, if that's true.

CP amounts and catch rates

If it is true that these legendary Pokémon are now to be found in the jungle, we find it important to note down some details of information.

Credits for the math goes to themedic.

  • It seems that so far, each spawn Member of Lake Trio has been the same CP for all Trainers who find the individual spawn (Azaby generates X in the value of CP for all Trainers who click on it, Uxie generates X in the value of CP for all Trainers clicking that, etc.)
  • The basic catch rate for Lake Trio seems to be 1%, however, if you use a Razzberry and an Ultra Ball, that catch rate will increase to 7%, making Lake Trio one of the most difficult Legendaries to catch on Pokémon GO

Shellos appears

As a field appearance on the left, it seems that soon after these reports of sightings, the Shellos began to appear in the wild! This includes the Shellos of the East Sea (Blue) and the West Sea (Pink).

Final Notes

The best way to sum up our views on the launch of the Legendary Lake Trio would be wow. Just Wow. Niantic threw a full ball when his release came, not only doing it at an unexpected time, but by unforeseen measures.

Coaches, do you remember when at the beginning of the Pokémon GO you heard about rare spawns near you, and you and your fellow trainers rush to get it? To get a chance to catch a Pokémon that you may have never seen before? One thing is certain, Niantic has returned to its roots with the release of Legendary Lake Trio, and I can not think of a better Pokémon to make the Trainers feel in the wild.

Have fun and stay safe, Coaches!

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