Karina Vetrano murdered in Karina Vetrano murder trial says she felt pressured to condemn


One of the jurors who helped convict Chanel Lewis of murder for killing Queens player Karina Vetrano said late Monday night that she was not sure if the man was guilty and felt pressured to condemn him.

"He seems to be such a good boy. Did he actually do that? "The jury, a white man of 30, told the court late Monday about Lewis.

"I kept thinking," How tall is Karina? How high is Chanel? "She looked very beautiful to me."

Lewis attacked and killed Vetrano in Spring Creek Park before dumping his body in a desolate stretch of territory in August 2016.

The jury was among the 12 people who found Lewis guilty Monday night.

He did not clarify how he was pressed to return a guilty verdict.

Although the jury raised doubts about whether Lewis, 22, committed the sadistic crime – he said he was satisfied with the outcome.

"I feel that justice has been served," he said. "For both sides of the family, it's a horrible and terrible situation."

It took the jurors five hours to find Lewis guilty. He will be sentenced on April 17 and face life in prison.


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