Kamala Harris on his parents' charge of school dropout: Oops, sorry for this


DKamala Harris, a hopeful emocĂ­tica presidential candidate, is now distancing herself from a California policy that she has already defended that parents sue whose children missed many school days.

In an interview with the liberal podcast "Pod Save America," released on Wednesday, Harris said he would not support a law like that which punishes parents for school dropouts.

The California senator faced criticism of politics in the presidential campaign. Some find it contrary to their support for criminal justice reform and the goal of reducing mass incarceration.

The policy Harris created as a San Francisco district attorney threatened parents with a truancy offense, penalized by "a fine of up to $ 2,500 or up to a year in prison."

She liked politics so much that when she became attorney general in 2011, she adopted state policy. In his book of 2019 The truths we have: an American journeyHarris said that "instituting a state evasion policy was part of the reason I would be competing for the office in the first place."

Harris continues to promote her changes to the school dropout program on her campaign site, which says she has "fought to reduce school dropout so that all children can exercise their right to education."

Harris said that while neither parent was arrested on her shift due to the evasion measure, she regrets that the policy has led some parents in other jurisdictions to be imprisoned.

"I regret hearing stories in which, in some jurisdictions, DAs have criminalized parents," Harris said. "And I'm sorry that this happened, and the thought that anything I did might have led to it – because that was certainly not the intention, it was never the intention."

She boiled the proceedings to "unintended consequences," and announced the program as an effort to prevent young people from being jailed later in life.

"I realized that the system was failing these kids, not putting services in place to keep them in school, to make it easier for parents to do what these parents naturally wanted to do around raising children. And then I put a spotlight on it, "she said.

Harris adopted a different tone about politics when he was a district attorney and a California attorney.

"I believe that a child growing up without education amounts to a crime. So I decided I would start prosecuting parents for school dropouts, "Harris said in a Speech of 2010.

"My office sues parents in a specialized evasion court we created, which combines close court monitoring with personalized family services. So far, I have sued 20 parents of young children for school dropouts, "Harris wrote in a 2009 editorial." Our groundbreaking strategy worked. "


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