Saturday , January 23 2021

Judge: Democrats must notify Trump & # 39; contemporaneously & # 39; if you apply for your New York income tax returns

The order came several hours after the Democrats offered to warn Trump if they were seeking their state tax returns under New York law. The offer came in response to pressure from Nichols for a compromise in the dispute over the law.

The so-called TRUST Act allows presidents of three congressional fiscal committees to obtain state returns from Trump upon request, and requires no advance notice of the change.

Trump's lawyer William Consovoy had asked Nichols, appointed by Trump, to require Ways and Means President Richard Neal (D-Mass.) Or New York officials to notify him two weeks before any return request. Consovoy still wants to contest any request, but fears that Democrats could obtain the president's records without warning – making so much effort.

But Democrats declined, saying the court does not have the power to bind the tax committee because legislators' legislative activities are protected by the Constitution.

Looking for an appointment, Nichols asked Neal's attorneys at a hearing on Monday if they would volunteer the information.

Neal showed little interest in New York law. But Consovoy fears that this could change suddenly, especially if the Democrats' other processes for Trump's federal returns and other financial records are unsuccessful.

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