Huawei is working on a series of stylish smart glasses


But that does not matter much, because the frame family looks very good. The lack of cameras also means that to a certain extent it avoids a lot of privacy concerns.

However, there is still a huge amount of technology within the frameworks, which reveals how simple these initial renderers appear. You can answer the calls by touching the arm of the glasses with your arms holding directional microphones and speakers as well as batteries that can be charged wirelessly through the companion's case. Surprisingly, it has a large 2,200mAh battery inside – it should go the distance. There will also be access to the built-in voice assistant. Expect more details soon. The glasses will apparently be launched in July 2019.

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The future is now! Together with the Gentle Monster, we join forces to bring your wearable intelligence to the next level with HUAWEI X DELICATE MONSTER TOY.

– Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) March 26, 2019


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