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How to add Disney Plus if you already have a Hulu or ESPN + subscription


In the extremely unlikely event you didn't know, Disney + was launched and you can sign up for the service starting now. If you only want Disney +, the service costs $ 6.99 and has all the Disney shows and movies you can imagine available on demand. You can also sign up for a free 7-day free Disney + trial if it's on the fence this. If you decide to like Disney + (and after one day, I'm sold), you can add it to your existing Hulu or ESPN + subscription by following the simple steps below.

Here is the TL version; Hulu sign-up DR without ads as part of the package provided with Disney +:

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How to apply for Disney Plus package with Hulu without ads

Signing up for the package is as easy as following the instructions on the signup page. If you don't have one of the other services yet, it's the easiest way to get started with all three. However, the Hulu submarine in the included deal is Hulu's basic subscription, rather than the $ 11.99 commercial version (which I personally think is worth a few extra dollars).

If you would like to upgrade your Disney + and Hulu package to the higher version without ads, sign up for Hulu without ads BEFORE signing up for the Disney + promotional package. From there, choose the $ 11.99 ad-free version or upgrade your existing Hulu subscription package. I can't emphasize enough how much better Hulu is without ads, so it's really worth the extra $ 6 a month

There are two ways to upgrade to the more expensive $ 11.99 version: you can sign up separately for the non-commercial version as explained above, or you can visit your Hulu account page and upgrade from there.

Can I upgrade my Hulu account if I signed up for the Disney Plus package?

The bad news is that you CAN'T upgrade to Hulu without ads if you sign up through the Disney + package. According to the Hulu help page, if you create a new Hulu account and are billed by Disney + "you will not be able to switch to a different Hulu plan or sign up for any add-ons." The bottom line is that if you want Hulu without ads, you'll need to create your account before signing up for the Disney + package offer.

How to apply for the Disney + package if you already have Hulu or ESPN +

It is extremely easy to get the package if you are already subscribed to one of the other services. Visit the Disney + Package signup page and use the same email address as your Hulu or ESPN + account. That's it.

Disney + will credit you $ 5.99 for your existing Hulu account and "a package price credit equal to the actual monthly price of your existing subscription." If you are a monthly ESPN + subscriber, it means that you will receive $ 4.99 per month as well. The important thing is that you sign up for Disney + with the same email address as the other two. Do this and your monthly bill will be reduced.

Should I get the package if I don't want ESPN +?

If you subscribe to Disney + and Hulu separately, you pay $ 12.98; so for literally just a penny more, you can bundle it up and get ESPN +. I'm a fan of ESPN + for the simple fact that it has Formula 1 racing, 30-30 documentary series and classic boxing series like Ali Vs. Frasier: The Thrilla in Manilla. I won't change my mind if you have zero tolerance in all sports, but it's basically the same price, so … why not subscribe to the full package?

Get 1 year of Disney Plus for free with Verizon

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There is an excellent offer if you are looking for a new data plan through Verizon: sign up for an unlimited data plan at Verizon Wireless or sign up for Verizon Wires (see the website to see if your area has Verizon Wires coverage), and Get a year of Disney + for free. If you have already signed up for Disney +, your bill is on hold until the end of the free year, when it restarts. This means that if you are one of the Disney + super fans who signed up for the three year contract, you keep the contract, you only get one extra year for free through Verizon. Nice.

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