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Han Shot First, but leave Lucas Star Wars editions forever

Ufa! Disney + has been launched and the only place with more content than your app is our website. Wow, okay, that was corny, sorry, but something from Disney brings out the safe, Anodyne jokes.

Really though, we have a lot of good things to read about watching, if The Mandalorian good, and explain what's up with the new 4K HDR versions of the original Star Wars trilogy. You know, those that include another unsolicited edition of George Lucas, specifically the most controversial issue he's ever made in a special edition. Yes, George Lucas changed Han Solo's scene with Greedo in Star Wars: A New Hope, Confirmed to Disney.

Technically, it looks like they both record in the same frame in this issue, although this happens after Greedo says "Maclunkey," which is a word that doesn't translate on screen in subtitles, because it probably means something too dirty to be shown on a rated movie. as PG. It is also easily pronounced "My clunky," which is precisely how I like to imagine that Lucas refers to the rhythm of his edits.

I'm about to give you the best pictures, sealed since the 1990s on my own Disney Vault. Here goes nothing: Han fired first, but left Lucas's edits on. Never switch back to the original version, never release an edition that doesn't have Greedo recording first or – at least – simultaneously with Han.

Hear me about it.

First of all let me talk to my old colleagues, those who have seen Star Wars in theater or VHS, as it was first edited, before special editions changed everything. Let's tell each other a real truth: Although you thought of Han Solo as a rude golden-hearted rapson, you emphasized the "golden heart" part of your mind. It wasn't until you heard about the issue that you thought about the possibility of Han Solo is a killer. He killed a guy who was probably will shoot him, but Han didn't know that for sure.

Han first filmed in the original film, but it was a small character introduction moment that didn't have a hundredth of the impact of Han Shot First, the outraged fan movement that made Internet memes before there were places to easily spread memes.

When George Lucas changed this scene, he didn't suddenly make Han Solo more enjoyable and safe, he made Han Solo more dangerous and scary. He literally performed Streisand at the time of Han's first shot when he tried to edit it. No one paid attention to this moment of possible murder and what it meant to Han's character until Lucas tried to erase it.

This idea is part of the culture of Star Wars now. There are generations of people who watch the movie and only learn after Han Shot First. It's a piece of apocrypha that is ironically the most canonized part of Han's character now.

It's kind of obvious to me from all the many adjustments Lucas has made to this scene over the years that Han Shot First irritates the hell out of him. Perhaps it is his wish to have the author's vision define the canon of Star Wars instead of fans. Maybe he doesn't really think of Han as such a bad guy and really wants us to see him that way too.

But as the scene changed, Lucas just kept drawing attention to the meme. I think it's part of Star Wars now. Han Shot First It is outside the frame of our narrative, but it is also present in the film, revealed in the increasingly weird cuts.

I never want to have an issue where Han actually shoot first again, because that moment of meta-textual awareness when you see him shooting second or when someone first tells you that Han Shot First is important. Demythologizes the great myth of Star Wars, makes it something that people invented and then kept improving. It helps to recognize that it could have been created in other ways. It makes you think of building stories and characters in a way you wouldn't do otherwise.

One of the reasons why I love Star Wars fandom – and really, any fandom – is that we selected to make it our myth. Knowing that the myth itself involves choices we can disagree with prevents this myth from becoming religion. Keeps the myth vibrant and alive. Above all, being aware of these choices makes this myth our own.

(Don't tell me about Blade Runner cuts though. There is only one true and I will not accept any discussion about it.)

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