Gotham reveals first look at Cameron Monaghan's Joker


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A Batman needs his Joker.

Adam Bankhurst

In a play that is very appropriate for the Day of the Lie, Fox revealed a new promo and a new image for the two final episodes of Gotham, both featuring Cameron Monaghan in full makeup and Joker costume.

While it is never safe to believe in anything on a day like today, this is a pretty convincing process. provocation that makes sense considering the announcement and the first look we received from Batman last week, which was confirmed to appear in the last two episodes of Gotham.

Gotham has been provoking the dynamic Batman v Joker and building towards it with the newer version of these beloved characters, and the end of the series' 10-year time will potentially show us another version of the battle between the Dark Knight and Prince Clown. of crime.

However, although Monaghan is, for all intents and purposes, the Joker, the name of the promotion seems to indicate that it can be called J, meaning that it will be the Joker at all but in the name.


As Gotham prepares to end its race that began in 2014, be sure to check out the craziest moments in Gotham and the top villains of the show who focused on a younger version of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne.

Episode 99, "They Did What?", And episode 100 "The Beginning …" will air on April 18 and 25, respectively.

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