While hip hop awaits T.I's official response to Kodak Black's disrespectful track "Expeditiously," there are others who are not taking the time to talk to the Florida rapper. The Southern King was not Kodak's only target on the album, as Gillie Da Kid was also mentioned. "N * gga waiting for me to fall just like the boy Gillie / Said they ride to me until the wheel falls, I'm like, "Oh, really? / How do you tell me what came out of my mouth, you do not even know Nipsey?"

In a video clip he shared on his Instagram Millions of dollars in game value podcast, Gillie said he was not disturbed by the letters of Kodak. However, he got a little warm when he talked about the possibility of his 19-year-old son approaching the rapper. "If you break it down, then you recognize that you have made a mistake." The most difficult thing in life to do is to say that the children also like it. you're responsible for that. "

"R.I.P. for Nipsey, but for this ngga Kodak Black, get smarter," Gillie continued. "You disrespect me in a song.This does not mean anything to me because the bottom line is, I have a 19 year old son that if I put you and him in a room together, he would be the dog is out of you. that's all I love.He beat the dog with you.I do not want to hear: "Yes, he grew up boxing." If I put you and my youngest son in a room together, mano y mano ", he would beat the diarrhea in his leg".