First call: affiliation of Antonio Brown axes with Steelers on Twitter, posted photo on 49ers half-shirt


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In "First Call" Monday, Antonio Brown stopped following Steelers on Twitter, posted a photo of himself in San Francisco uniform and is in favor of ending up in Atlanta.

Also, it was a quiet weekend for ol A.B.

Strange look

Since the start of Antonio Brown's trade talk, former and current San Francisco 49ers players have endorsed the idea of ​​his team acquiring the troubled Steelers star.

San Francisco legend, Jerry Rice, gave his seal of approval. George Kittle and Joe Staley made openings for him on social networks.

Now Brown has posted a photo of himself on a split shirt on Instagram. Half of it on a Steelers shirt. Rice in a Niners shirt.

Many have described Antonio Brown as having a split personality. But this is ridiculous.

Oooh That hurts.

Why bother dividing the shirt? Brown removed his association with the Twitter Steelers.

So, I think it's over now, right?

Brown also seemed to take a look at Tomlin's favorite cliché: "The pattern is the pattern."

For a guy who lives in social media the way Brown does, this is probably a more meaningful message from A.B. than skipping all those practices was.

If A.B. really is setting their own standards, they are very low. At least when it comes to acting like an adult.

As much as a response from the Steelers? They can not officially remove it from the list anyway until March 13.

Best bet?

Although all the public attention is given to Brown by the people in San Francisco, the 49ers are not much at the top of the list of favorites to get it.

A sports book has the Falcons as the most likely destination.

Given the depth of the Falcons in a wide receiver, I do not buy that idea. The Lions, Jets and Raiders, I can definitely see. The Colts already have an alpha receptor in T.Y. Hilton. But I would give it a maybe.

But San Francisco should be on that list.

Baseball or football?

The winner of the Heisman Trophy, Kyler Murray, has a great decision to make.

The Oklahoma standout has to decide today whether it will enter the NFL draft or sign a contract with Oakland A's to play baseball.

Apparently, he's asking a lot of the A's to make a deal.

Murray has already received a signing bonus of $ 4.6 million for the A when he was chosen ninth overall because it was believed that he would choose baseball.

Talking about lots of money

We are waiting to see who will receive big salaries in the major leagues. Apparently, Manny Machado has an offer at the table. And it's for eight years of the Chicago White Sox.

This is via Jeff Passan on ESPN. We do not know the value yet. But expect it to be massive.

Passan also writes that Machado is still talking to the Phillies "while his search for Bryce Harper got stronger with a face-to-face meeting in Las Vegas over the weekend."

Meanwhile, the pirates signed Lonnie Chisenhall. So, you know, almost the same thing.


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