Eagles C Jason Kelce suffers injury to the elbow, questionable to return against Santos


6:16 p.m. The saints are marching up and down the field in the Eagles. This is a horrendous performance. This time, another 70-yard descent from Santos. Ho hum.

Drew Brees hit Michael Thomas for a 23-yard touchdown pass. Thomas easily defeated Rasul Douglas and Corey Graham was late with the help.

26 minutes into the game.

Santos 31, Eagles 7

5:56 p.m. This is ugly. In the interim, the Eagles are being destroyed.

The Saints have a total of 321 yards and the Eagles have only 109. That's a beating. The Eagles had life for a minute, but then they exploded.

The 24 points that the Eagles gave up are the ones who gave up most in the first half with Jim Schwartz.

In the range: Saints 24, Eagles 7

5:51 p.m.: Nevermind. Forget the life the Eagles seemed to have. The Eagles had a chance to cut the lead to three points, but Carson Wentz was fired by a 10-in-3 loss to the Saints' 46-yard line. It was a slow game action pass. Sheldon Rankins freed himself and fired Wentz. Then the Eagles pushed the ball away. If Wentz did not accept the serve, the kicker penalty in the Saints would have given the Eagles the first down.

Instead, the Santos recovered the ball and went down easily on the field to score another touchdown.

Santos 24, Águias 7

5:25 p. Hey! Eagles have a little life. Apparently, they just had to wait to get out of that dreaded first quarter. Carson Wentz drove them in a 75-yard drive early in the second quarter to reach the board in just six plays. Josh Adams had a great 28-yard touchdown. It was the first touchdown of his career. Just under 9 minutes remaining in the middle.

Santos 17, Águias 7

5:09 p.m. This quarter was not good for the Eagles. Santos had 190 yards. The eagles were 15 years old. At least it's just a two-point game for now.

Santos 10, Águias 0

5:04 p.m.: The Eagles were not eliminated by 3-0 but Carson Wentz threw a deep ball in double coverage to Nelson Agholor who was intercepted. Things are not going well. It seemed that Wentz was just trying to make something happen, but it was a bad idea.

4:57: The Saints have two scores now, after driving 86 yards and hitting the first touchdown of the game. The big game of the disc was a 30-yard pass for Michael Thomas. Sidney Jones was in coverage and had some difficult moves so far. There remain 3:12 in the first quarter.

To make matters worse, Avonte Maddox was injured and had to leave the game.

Santos 10, Águias 0

4:42 p.m.: Two Eagles drive. Two 3's and out. This offense is broken. They have only 15 yards in six runs and still have not made the first run. Against Santos's team, they will need to score a few points.

4:36 p.m. Santos took a 3-0 lead in a 38-yard field goal that reached a distance of 57 yards. The Eagles gave up a 38-yard run by Mark Ingram in the first game, but recovered to make a big stop. Malcolm Jenkins made a great tackle on the third down.

Santos 3, Águias 0

4:29 p.m. The Eagles were 3 and out on their first possession. They almost got the first place in the third and longest time, but they could not.

4:18 p.m. There were a lot of Eagles fans around town, but Saints fans are going to drown them. This place is so loud. It's not going to be a house on the road for the Eagles this week.

3:50 p.m. The Cowboys got a 42-yard field goal on the bell to knock down the Atlanta Falcons and move to 5-5 on the season. That means the Eagles need to win today to keep pace.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, they are preparing to face this guy.

14:59 a.m. Inactive eagles are out:

2:29 p: Washington was about to take the lead at the end of the second half, but Alex Smith threw a 101-yard pick-6 and the Texans increased their lead. They are 17-7 in the break. In Atlanta, the Falcons are 6-3 ahead of the Cowboys.

1:40 p.m.: Keep an eye on the game in Washington. The Texans have a 10-0 lead after a quarter. The Eagles can use all the help they can at NFC East.

1:15 p.m.: After about half an hour trying to figure out how to get into the Superdome and how to get to the press room, I finally arrived. This is my first trip to the Superdome. First impressions, it's kind of crap, but it's also cool. I look forward to seeing how high this place gets in a few hours.

10:53 a.m.: Good morning everyone. It's game day! And it's a big problem for the Eagles. I'm getting ready to go to the Superdome at my hotel and we'll be watching the whole day together.

Why worth it, I was in town last night and saw a ton of Eagles fans. Another great display of Eagles fans in another city. We saw this on every trip this year. I think it was a perfect storm for that. The Eagles are coming out of a Super Bowl and have a tremendous road schedule. Many good choices for fans and they are making the most of these trips.

Watch Eagles Pregame Live at 15:00. and tuning in after the game to our complete collapse in the Eagles Postgame Live.


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