Saturday , January 23 2021

Don Jr. is on a mission to recruit Trump culture warriors

He is the beloved "New York Meathead" on the podcast “The Kirk Minihane Show” on Barstool Sports, a digital media company that writes less about sports and more about the increasingly reactionary things that certain millennial sports bros talk about games. He argues with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, two comedians and radio personalities entangled in the world of wrestling and UFC, impresses Adam Carolla with his knowledge of power saws, recaps legendary WWE fights with pro wrestler Chris Jericho and talks left . all of them. Through his fluency in the masculinity of the Internet, Trump Jr. has tried to teach a younger generation how to fight the left in the Trump Jr .: way: punch hard, speak fast, protect your father at all costs, and represent the consequences.

"When you see Don speak at a college, he doesn't look like a buttoned politician," said one person close to Trump Jr. ”A podcast that is now, by the way, spreading pro-Trump content.

So it was no surprise when Trump Jr. brought this persona to "The View". Within 30 seconds of taking his seat, the hosts asked him why he tweeted the name of the complainant who filed the initial complaint about Trump's approach. to Ukraine. Prepared, Trump Jr. quickly responded with an accusation that the host network, ABC, was being hypocritical.

“At the moment, ABC is pursuing a whistleblower about all [Jeffrey] Epstein's stories were killed, ”he said, referring to the leaked video of an ABC anchor complaining that the network had prevented her from publishing a story about the convicted sex offender who committed suicide in a cell.

The rest of the interview continued in the same vein. Trump Jr. despised his hosts for his past liberal crimes – allegedly blackface, comments about film director Polanski – stating that he was fighting the media on behalf of conservatives.

He probably knew exactly how his presence – and these comments – would appear on a show like "The View," and the kind of cultural warfare content that would emerge as a result. That was the point.

“I mean, I could stay there, be the coolest guy in the world, use very measured and reasonable arguments and you know, no matter what I said, [the headlines would be] "Don Jr. is destroyed, they owned him," he told Minihane before recording with "The View." "It's literally a victory for me, you know, in the social justice wars."

By infuriating The View's presenters, Trump Jr. may have been open to the condemnation of traditional journalists, but created a work of #triggering performance theater in the process – which was broadcast on the television network – viralized among the treacherous trumpists and, more importantly, it landed on the radar of the increasingly young crowd of free speech on the Internet.

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