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After years of controversy and well-deserved criticism, Apple earlier this week unveiled an upgraded MacBook Pro with a slightly optimized design that we can only hope will address the longstanding complaints about the butterfly keyboard originally introduced in 2016.

At this point, it is well documented that the keyboard of the MacBook Pro is subject to failure if even the smallest bit of dust spikes under the keys. Recently, last month, Apple acknowledged that some users were still facing problems with the "third generation butterfly keyboard." And while it's not a widespread problem, it's simply unacceptable that such a problem arises in a notebook as expensive. such as a MacBook Pro.

With the latest iteration of the MacBook Pro, Apple can put all criticism related to the keyboard in the rearview mirror. As Apple explained to some publications this week, the new keyboard of the MacBook Pro employs "new materials" designed to reduce the incidence of keys that are not being executed or recorded twice after a single press.

In light of this, I solve this recently did what it does best: it has destroyed a new MacBook Pro to better understand the steps Apple is taking to improve the performance and overall reliability of the keyboard. IFixit staff discovered a new transparent material on the keyboard, made of nylon, but was not sure of the "problem that Apple engineers tried to solve using this updated material."

The complete disassembly – which addresses a number of other small design changes – can be seen here and worth checking for anyone who has an interest in knowing how Apple's notebooks are put together and how everything looks when it's split.

Leaving the keyboard aside, the new Apple MacBook Pro update features 13- and 15-inch models and features the Intel Core 8th and 9th Generation processors.

"The MacBook Pro now delivers twice as fast as a quad-core MacBook Pro and 40% more performance than a 6-core MacBook Pro, making it the fastest Mac notebook ever," the statement said. of Apple's press.

As expected, the new MacBook Pro models are not cheap, with the initial models starting at $ 1,799 and $ 2,399, respectively.

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