Dallas Cowboys: Garrett guy & # 39; or not, Jason Witten picks up Dez Bryant while calling his first Cowboys game for MNF


A year after Tony Romo named his first Cowboys game at AT & T Stadium as CBS 'lead analyst, Jason Witten did the same with ESPN Monday night football.

And what a coincidence! Another former cowboy, Dez Bryant, was news shortly before the Dallas-Tennessee game on Monday night when the NFL Network reported that Bryant will train for the New Orleans Saints on Tuesday.

Bryant's news broke more or less at a time when Witten, wearing what many would describe as a cowboy-blue suit, was honored with a montage nailed to the gigantic AT & T Stadium video just as Romo did last November.

Recall that when the Cowboys resigned Bryant last April, he gave an emotional interview to the NFL Network, during which he ruthlessly blamed "Garrett guys" and the players who "use that" C-39; for having a part in his expulsion.

Well, Witten was one of the six captains of the Cowboys last season, but after Bryant was dismissed and made those comments, Witten made it clear that he had nothing to do with the split and praised Bryant as a great teammate.

And when Witten retired three weeks later, Bryant tweeted, "Goat is his name.He had to call me to believe.No yes, I dropped a penny for you for six."

Not surprisingly, with Amari Cooper making his Cowboys debut on Monday, that of Witten MNF The co-analyst, Booger McFarland, started a discussion early in the second quarter comparing Cooper and Bryant.

"Everyone wondered: what did they lose when they lost Ten Bryant?" McFarland said. "They lost a guy who was a great physical receiver." He could not do the quick cuts like Amari Cooper, he could not get in and out of his breaks, that's the only thing Cooper could do. to the Cowboy offense, and in the last two years they did not have it. They were a slow offense, and now they are not. "

This is where Witten came on the scene. During the first half season of MNFand again during the Cowboys-Titans, Witten used to give the first word, McFarland the second, but this time it was Witten's turn to have the last word.

After all, who is more qualified to compare the pre-ten Cowboys to the current group? Witten went a step further, comparing the Romo / Ten Cowboys, the Dak / Ten Cowboys and the Dak / Ten-less Cowboys.

WITTEN: "The only thing I would say to this is that last year's offense was different from when De Bryant shined and led the league in touchdowns. Because what Ten did so well, probably better than anyone in the league, was climbing difficult footprints. "

McFARLAND: "Right"

WITTEN: "He used his body, he understood how to highlight football, and that was an offense that Tony was living in. He liked to take chances, throw plays in the field, aggressive. , but it's the racing game, it's play-action, getting out of pocket, and a little more time, which was different than in # 14 with Dez Bryant.

Throughout the game, Witten said little that could be interpreted as a criticism of the Cowboys. Even when Prescott, with the Cowboys leading 7-0, played for a two-faced Cooper in the end zone and suffered an interception, Witten said: "In that situation, Dak Prescott was leaning over him a little too much, thinking his guy could win ".

Meanwhile, what most of the Cowboys fans were thinking, "What an idiot to go through."

Early in the third quarter, while the first half-moments were being shown, including the interception, Witten said, "He's covered by the situation. You can not do that."

It was left to McFarland to deliver most of the Cowboys' criticism, especially when the Dallas rear, 21-14, and continued to exasperate McFarland, racing in the first down.

When Prescott suffered his second interception, Joe Tessitore said Monday's game marked Prescott's twelfth round in the past two seasons, tied with the NFL lead.

TessoriƩ: "They have to value football".

McFARLAND: "Well, they have to cherish football, but again, a run on the first down." They entered the game with the seventh-lowest number of passes in the National Football League in the first down. Do you think the Tennessee Titans Don? t know that? Open your offense, Scott Linehan.Let Dak Prescott mature and grow in his pocket.If not now, when?

When the last minute was gone and the Cowboys now lose by 28-14 and a handful of boos on the field, McFarland and Witten try to sum up what that grim display meant for 3-5 Dallas.

McFARLAND: "It's all part of the evaluation process, guys, you bring Amari Cooper." Now the red light is on Dak Prescott, the red light is on Jason Garrett, it's Scott Linehan, they failed tonight, but they still have some games left over the season to prove what they might be.The bank is getting hot in Dallas, though. "

Witten: "You're right, Boog. It's hot in the kitchen in Dallas now, and I think that's a big reason they did trade for Cooper.

"I know these guys and I've been fighting them over the years, they're not going to give up, they're going to keep fighting, but certainly the expectation is that they can compete in this division."

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