"Cool Fish" holds "Ralph" and "Venom" – Variety


Chinese crime thriller "A Cool Fish" has risen to the top of China box office in its second week of release. In doing so, he maintained the continued performance of "Venom" and the opening of "Ralph Breaks the Internet".

According to weekend data from the Asian film and cinema consulting group Artisan Gateway, "A Cool Fish" grossed $ 25 million, including online service fees. This raises your 10-day total to $ 50 million.

"Ralph", the opening day with the North American ride on Thanksgiving, and "Venom" in its third week, were neck and neck throughout the weekend and the difference between the final standings was decided by fractions.

"Venom" marked $ 19.6 million, for a cumulative three weeks of $ 243 million. "Ralph" came to $ 19.5 million. That was ahead of the entire previous edition of the franchise, "Wreck-it-Ralph," and close to the $ 21 million "The Incredibles 2" opening note.

"Johnny English Strikes Again" played about 10,000 places and came in fourth. It marked $ 11.4 million in what was the last great territory for the film.

"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" grossed $ 6.5 million for fifth place. That raised its 10-day total to $ 52.3 million.

The weekend box office aggregate was $ 85 million, reflecting not only the performance of major movies, but also a sharp fall beyond the top five. However, the score raises China's total box office so far this year to $ 8.10 billion (including fees). That's almost 11% ahead of the comparable figure for 2017.


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