Chris Hardwick Flames BS in Action Podcast, Affirmed Partner Ow Him Him Millions


Chris Hardwick

BS Flame in $ 606K Podcast Process

You MUST ME Millions !!!

04/16/2019 19:05 PDT


21:20 PT – Hardwick's lawyer just shot Cadence13, telling us, "Cadence13 is the only party in violation – the company owes Chris $ 3 million – and the lawsuit is his last desperate attempt to avoid fulfilling his obligations. pay for it "

Chris's lawyer continues, "The truth is Chris has delivered more than 30 podcast episodes since October 2018 and has not received any payments, while Cadence13 has amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue during that time."

In an interesting twist … Hardwick's lawyer says: "There is extraordinary irony in the fact that the law firm representing C13 in this action is the same one that conducted a comprehensive investigation and exonerated Chris from unfounded allegations (of emotional and sexual abuse ).) referenced in the deposit. "

"Chris and his team will take all appropriate steps to recover the millions of dollars C13 owes you."

Chris Hardwick is being accused of giving up an agreement to produce a weekly podcast and not paying the rest of his $ 1 million cash advance … that's according to a new lawsuit.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Cadence13 states that Chris signed a two-year contract in early 2018 to create four podcasts a month … but the company claims that Chris stopped making new episodes in June last year after an actress accused him. of emotional and sexual abuse.

As we reported … Chris's ex-girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, accused him of sexual and emotional abuse during their relationship. Hardwick denied the allegations.

In the lawsuit, Chris's podcast partner claims he paid $ 1 million in down payments, but says he has not yet paid the full amount after stopping his weekly "ID10T" podcast.

According to the documents, Cadence13 says it has recovered about $ 394K in advertising revenue – but they are still looking for it for the remaining $ 606K.


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