Case-Mate Cases "Made for Google" for Pixel 3rd and 3rd XL


We've basically said everything there is to know about Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, and Google itself has accidentally confirmed its existence. Now, we have our first hands on a picture of some new third-party cases for phones …

It's not at all surprising to see Google's various "Made for Google" partners working on Pixel 3a cases, but this is the first one we've actually seen one in a lifetime. These, in particular, are Case-Mate models – "Tough Clear" for Pixel 3a and "Twinkle" for Pixel 3a XL.

There is not much to learn here. In the image, you can see that these two cases are certified for Google, but this is not surprising, since Case-Mate already makes some other cases of Pixel. These cases also seem to confirm even more the name of the Pixel 3a of the new phone, not that we needed it.

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, we can confirm that the photo of these two cases came from a retailer that sells phones at Verizon, but not at T-Mobile. This seems to corroborate yet another Android Police report earlier this year that the Pixel 3a would be sold at Verizon, but does not exactly talk to the T-Mobile side.

In other third-party case reports, a recent leak appeared to show the new intermediate pixels in a couple of cases that appeared to be done by Tech21. It was not clear exactly what cases these were, and the actual processing of the phones was quite normal.

A recent Google provocation indicates that we will see the new phones officially first on Google I / O 2019. The exact date given by Google is May 7, and apparently there is some kind of revenge.

Planning to get a Twinkle Pixel 3a XL case? Let us know in the comments.


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