Cancer expert dies hours after receiving yellow fever vaccine


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Vaccines have been controversial for years, and the sudden death of a prominent British doctor for apparent organ failure shortly after vaccination against yellow fever will not make worries disappear.

The Times of London reported that Martin Gore, 67, a pioneer in cancer treatment, died suddenly after "a routine inoculation of yellow fever."

"His death highlights the increased risks associated with the vaccine for the growing number of older travelers visiting exotic destinations," the report says.

Shooting is recommended for people traveling to parts of Africa, Caribbean and South and Central America.

He was a professor of cancer medicine at the Royal Mardsen NHS Foundation and the Institute of Cancer Research in London.

The BBC said the vaccine is not necessarily recommended for those over 60, those with weak immune systems or those who are allergic to the vaccine.

The Times said it suffered a total organ failure shortly after vaccination against yellow fever, although the cause of death has not been confirmed.

The UK National Health Service warns that side effects may occur, including an allergic reaction and problems affecting the brain or organs, according to the BBC.

Peter Openshaw, a former president of the British Society of Immunology, explained: "It appears that people over 60 are at three to four times greater risk of suffering from these serious effects compared to younger people. However, this estimate is based on very few adverse events reported. "

The WND last month reported the tragic story of triplets who became autistic hours after receiving the vaccine at nine months of age.

Tennessee Rep. Mark Green told a town hall event in December that he believes vaccines can cause autism.

Green questioned data from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and other institutions that deny any link between vaccines and autism.

"Let me tell you about autism," Green said. "I made a commitment to people in my community in Montgomery County to stay at the CDC table and get the real facts about the vaccines. Because there is some concern that the rise of autism is the result of the preservatives that are in our vaccines.

"As a doctor, I can make that argument and I can see it academically and argue against the CDC, if they really want to get me involved in it," Green said.

Jane Orient, MD, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, says the real problems are the lack of adequate research and the apparent effort by the medical industry to conceal any link between vaccines and autism.

"We really do not know [the causes] and we're not doing the research "that is needed, she told WND.

While the government, many medical groups and vaccine manufacturers categorically reject any link between vaccines and autism, cases that suggest a link continue to emerge.

"Claims that vaccines are linked to autism, or are unsafe when administered according to the recommended schedule, have been refuted by a solid body of medical literature," said two physicians at the American Academy of Pediatrics last year. "Delaying the vaccines only leaves a child at risk of disease."

That's why the McDowell family history of Michigan is on video at, receiving tens of thousands of views only in recent days.

Natural news: "The video shows below, healthy triplets became autistic within a few hours of vaccination, again demonstrating that vaccines cause autism. The parents, the McDowell family in Detroit, Michigan, have spoken out against the terrible medical violence committed against children every day in the United States through toxic vaccines. "

Parents, David and Brenda McDowell, explain in the video:

On June 25, 2007, we brought you to the [vaccine] shot … we went at 10 in the morning. All three. My daughter still has the mark on her shot leg … we made the boys too. At noon Claire hung up completely. It was as if she were blind, deaf and utter inability to thrive, from super super happy, smiling girl to … she had complete eye contact, and she hung up. All she did was look at the ceiling.

At 2 o'clock we watched Richie hang up. All her mother, daddy and the furniture walking around and everything just shut. All the laughter, all the smiles, again failure to thrive. They lost all their reflexes … they stopped blinking, yawning, coughing, sneezing, they lost the reflex of fright … it was 2:00.

The worst was when we saw the last stop. We lost Robbie, he seemed to have been hit by a bus. He had a stunned look on his face … he acted deaf, he lost his happiness. They were no longer involved in anything or anyone. They lost their smiles. They never held hands, never looked at each other again.


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