Can Chia seeds really help with weight loss?


If you follow the food influencers on Instagram, you certainly know about chia puddings, chia smoothies and the whole craze of chia in general. First, let's take a look at what chia seeds really are. They are small black seeds that are a source of nutrition. They are high in protein, omega 3 and other essential nutrients. Not only are they high in protein, but they are also a rich source of fiber. And that combination gained a big name in the world of weight loss.

But what is the real deal? Are They Really Effective In Weight Loss? According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a meal rich in fiber and protein helps to lose weight. People who increased their protein intake by 30% would have fewer calories and lose weight faster.

But if we look at this logically, weight loss is all about monitoring your diet and working out. Eating a lot or a lot less of anything will not make a big difference to your overall weight loss plan. Therefore, there is no single food item that can address your health goals.

Although Chia has no side effects, the sudden increase in its intake and the multiplication of fiber intake may have some sudden impacts on the body, especially for those who had much less fiber previously. Interestingly, most people feel more satisfied when eating chia seeds. This is because the chia absorbs liquid and then expands. And do the same inside your body.

So if you are jumping certain essential foods to eat more sizzle, it may not be the ideal thing to do. Because by doing this you are reducing the variety of your diet and thus reducing the nutrients of other foods.


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