BlackBerry announced BBM will be dead on May 31 and people are upset


Future generations will never know of the tedious excitement of giving their passion for their BBM PIN because the messaging application will be officially dead on May 31.

The app announced this week that they will no longer support the once popular service, despite the company's best efforts to keep it alive.

"While we are sad to say goodbye, it's time to ditch BBM's consumer service and move on," said Emtek, which manages BBM's consumer offering. "We hope you enjoy many good memories of BBM's consumer service that have helped shape messaging platforms to become what they are today."

The consumer version of BBM, manipulated by a partnership between BlackBerry and Emtek, has expanded in recent years to be available on other types of devices. The BlackBerry maintains a corporate version for payment, which will now be made available for personal use.

But even with that in mind, it seems the end of an era and people are legitimately sad.

BBM was launched in 2005 and, for people of a certain age, it was The messaging application of his youth.

There are lots of sad GIFs out there.

But you still have more than a month to enter this final ping.

You may also be surprised to learn that there are still BlackBerry diehards out there.

Goodbye, BBM. Go kindly to that good night.


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