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Black Friday 2019: Best Deals and Packages for the Nintendo Switch



We have put together all the special packages and promotions we could find for Switch and Switch Lite.

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As we close on Black Friday, this marks the third time that the Nintendo Switch has been the go-to for holiday shopping.

We are excited about the possibility of big business. Nintendo launched an updated Switch in August, which increased battery life by about 50% (from a maximum of 6.5 hours to about nine hours). And there is the new Switch lite also – a smaller portable version with 7 hour battery.

All the good reasons to choose a switch during sales.

The best offers of Nintendo Switch for Black Friday

There is currently only one console / game package, but if we see more, we'll add them here. Be sure to check out the best Nintendo Switch offers on GameSpot.


Nintendo is bundling the download code for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the first-generation version of Switch for $ 300, and releasing a screensaver as well. This is a solid business, but be aware that you are getting the OG Switch, not the new one. Since this means that battery life is between 2.5 and 6.5 hours, you probably want to take advantage of this business only if you plan to keep it up most of the time. For many missions out, you can move on and get Switch v2. Check out this CNET article that shows how to differentiate between two Switch consoles by looking at the art of the box. This agreement begins on November 28.

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Switch Lite is only a month old, so don't hold your breath when you see deals for 2019 Black Friday. It's $ 200 everywhere now (without waiting until Black Friday), and that's where I'd expect it. to see the price stay until the end of the year. But it's not a bad price, and if you're an advocate of a hardware sale, well, you might be waiting until Black Friday 2020. That said, if you're sitting on the fence, now is the time to trade, that CNET's Scott Stein called it "perhaps the best $ 200 gaming laptop I've ever used."

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The best games of Nintendo Switch games from Black Friday

What if you already have a Switch and are looking forward to some games? We cover you – here are some amazing deals we closed. Please read the details carefully, as some of these offers start before Black Friday. Wait too long and you could lose.


It's hard not to love Breath of the Wild, which may well be the best part of Zelda ever (sorry, Ocarina of Time). This game should sell for $ 40 virtually anywhere, but Walmart will sell it for only $ 30 for a limited time, starting Wednesday, November 27 at 7 pm. PT.

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Is this a game where you play against your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters? Yes. Is this the only tennis game for Switch? Yes. Can you play singles or doubles with up to four local players or online? Yes. It looks like you need to get this title, which is also available for under $ 40 that will cost you anywhere else from Wednesday, November 27 at 7pm. PT.

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If you're a fan of paintball combat – whether it's the real kind no one says you can embarrass yourself with, or the virtual videogame type – Splatoon probably has a special place in your heart. Splatoon 2 is starting to get a little time consuming (it was released in 2017), but it's still a blast, and the Technicolor ink-based combat is still exciting and charming. From Wednesday, November 27, at 7 pm PT, you can get this at Walmart for about $ 10 less than anywhere else.

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This game was also present, but it is so beloved that I couldn't help including it on this list. Like most games I've listed here, you can buy it for about half the price for a limited time, starting on Wednesday, November 27 at 7pm. PT.

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You don't have to wait for Black Friday to get this deal. The long-awaited pair of Switch RPG titles – Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield – debut on Saturday, November 16, for $ 60 each. But you can buy any game for as little as $ 38 from the Facebook Marketplace starting at 10am on Saturday, November 16, while supplies last.

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