Ariana Grande announced the war against Pete Davidson in the "SNL" engagement joke


Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson announces war

More than "SNL" commitment is a joke

02/02/2014 1:00 PM PDT

Exclusive details

Bursting is not funny Ariana Grande more Pete Davidson in community media Thursday night, after joking about their breakup … and it's clear that this is not a conscious link.

Davidson joked about the fact that he is one-man during the promotion on the weekend SNL – he wants a music guest Maggie Rogers if you want to get married.

Our SNL related sources say that Pete was already in a good mood while preparing the show – and it was open to jokes contacting us Too early.

So this was the promotion … but Ariana Grande did not laugh – he shot a shot at the exe.

"Someone who claims to hate relevance is sure that love insists on this.

He later deleted the tweet.

Pete had dazzled their commitment earlier when "SNL" returned from the summer break – but he was when he and Grande were still together.

The jokes are smug about the fact that Grande is the breadwinner in the relationship – and lucky she was there.

But they are broke last month and are clearly not in good shape.

There is nothing to say if Davidson wanted to plan the unbundling this week, but if so, you should think he is considering the plan now.


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