Apple launches the cute and totally free iPhone game "Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard" and people are SO CRAZY about it – TouchArcade


Apple today released an iPhone game, the first since 2008 Texas Hold'em which has been released alongside the App Store for more than a decade. The new game is called Warren Buffett's Paper Assistant (Free) and, as you may know, Buffet is the third richest person in the world today. However, one of his first jobs as a kid was to hand over papers in his neighborhood, and he was so fond of that job that he used to hold paper throwing competitions during the annual shareholder meetings for his Berkshire Hathaway company. This competition was the inspiration for this mobile game and, according to the game's frequently asked questions, "Because of the popularity of the event, Warren was not able to play against everyone, so he found another way for all his fans to challenge him."

The game itself is a kind of spin on Paperboy how will you walk a fixed path from a first-person perspective casting papers for homes and businesses using a pull-back slingshot mechanic similar to Angry Birds. The game allows you to play in Omaha, Nebraska, Buffett's hometown and then in Cupertino, California, where Apple is. You even finish the Cupertino level by playing roles in targets from within the huge "UFO" at Apple Park. After completing both routes, you receive a score based on your accuracy and how many papers you can deliver with a local scorecard. To keep track of your scores. No, Apple inexplicably does not use the Game Center at its own game, so you can not compete with friends online. Also not Universal, so there is no native support for iPad. Tsk, tsk, Apple. The game is totally free, no ads or IAP and it's really fun.

For some reason, that makes people gossipy in the MacRumors forums. A user even calls the launch of Warren Buffett's Paper Assistant as the beginning of the end of Apple. Some people consider this just a big kissing ass from a large shareholder, and maybe there's some truth to that. But who cares, too? Others think that Apple is wasting time making a silly game when, instead, they should be making more important applications, as if the creation of it had somehow delayed working on other projects. Trust me, I always love to stop on the side of the road and take the exaggerated negative reactions to something totally insignificant for people on the internet, but this is really the best. Apple has released a silly and free video game, and they are DOOMED, ​​I tell you. If you like totally free and fun games, give Warren Buffett's Paper Assistant download and check everything out for yourself and let everyone know if this is the end of the most valuable company in the world.


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