Air Canada Passenger Left Alone on Dark and Cold Airplane: NPR


Air Canada jet at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada.

DANIEL SLIM / AFP / Getty Images

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DANIEL SLIM / AFP / Getty Images

Air Canada jet at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada.

DANIEL SLIM / AFP / Getty Images

Ever had a nightmare in which you wake up at night, alone, stuck in a seat in a completely dark and cold room, with no means to contact someone?

That's the story that Air Canada passenger Deanna Noel-Dale told us about what should be a simple 90-minute flight from Quebec City to Toronto Pearson International Airport earlier this month.

Your account has been posted to the airline's Facebook page.

Noel-Dale, who after the incident has experienced anxiety and insomnia, wrote that she fell asleep in a row of seats on an almost empty flight and the moment she woke up the plane that had already arrived at her destination and had been parked away from the terminal closer.

The battery of his cell phone was exhausted, so useless, and there was no power in the plane to recharge it.

No one else was in the pitch black airplane.

Noel-Dale went to the cockpit where he finally found a flashlight. The light helped her figure out how to open the main exit door. But she was presented with another problem: there was a hallway, so she was looking at what she said was a 40-50 foot drop on the floor, hardly an attractive means of escape.

Then she focused the flashlight on the outside of the plane, hoping the reflection would catch someone's eye. Over time, the driver of a luggage cart came to his aid.

Noel-Dale said Air Canada's representatives offered her a ride home and then called her twice to apologize and say they began an investigation into how she was lost by the plane's crew when they all left the flight in Toronto.

She says she is still recovering from the incident. "I have not slept much since the recurring night terrors and waking up anxious and afraid that I'm alone locked in some dark place," she wrote.

An Air Canada representative confirmed Noel-Dale's account, adding that they "remain in touch with her."


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