10 Best Writing Apps for Android!


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Writers come in all shapes and sizes. Some write novels, others write techniques, and people like me write blog posts. There are also poets, writers, satirists, lyricists, playwrights, libretists, and speechwriters. The funny thing is that we all use the same types of tools. There are those who prefer something like typewriters over digital word processors, but it's good to have these tools on your cell phone in case the inspiration happens. Here are the best writing apps for Android!

Writing with a virtual keyboard is not the ideal way to write things. However, sometimes it is inevitable. Grammarly Keyboard is a decent keyboard application for writers. It does basic things such as automatic correction for misspellings. The application also helps with your grammar. It informs you when it identifies a grammatical problem and offers a correction. Now, in many cases, things are written in a specific way for a reason and some characters only speak bad grammar. However, it's still nice to have a keyboard with features like this. To be fair, however, we imagine that most people are using a Bluetooth keyboard or a Chromebook for this, so a keyboard may not be necessary.


Novelist is a free writing application for, well, novelists. It has a variety of features specifically for plotting, writing, preparing and exporting novels or short stories. This includes a timeline feature for all the various large scenes in your story. In addition, the application supports Google Drive, various formatting options, a powerful book-viewing feature and an above-average text editor. You can get more features from something like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. However, this application is completely free and the specific features of the novel extra make it worthy of consideration. We also like the design material interface if this helps.

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