YouTube launches augmented reality, virtual try-ons for makeup brands, influencers


YouTube has 2 billion viewers a month, according to official company statistics, and AR is a way for popular video vendors to collaborate with brands by creating marketing opportunities that do not stop just ads.

YouTube is using FameBit, the platform of influence it bought in 2016, to link brands and video stars to these AR integrations. YouTube is able to stand out from other platforms of influence, leveraging its connection to FameBit and offering brands better intelligence about video makers, according to Noah Mallin, head of experience, content and partnering for Wavemaker in America. North.

"There are public insights and advanced measurements," Mallin says, "to better harness creators that other networks of influencers could not offer."

Brands have been exploring AR on their own, too, creating applications that leverage technology, but building an audience for an app can get expensive, says Jay Gyuricza, general manager of Possible Mobile. Partnering with a YouTube star with an integrated fan base is a way to recruit newcomers to the brand.

"If you're already a passionate fan, you're likely to download and interact with the brand app," says Gyuricza. "But new customers, they are not downloading an app just to try out a new makeup."


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