Who stars in Mrs. Wilson? Meet the cast of the BBC drama led by Ruth Wilson, Iain Glen and Keeley Hawes


Ruth Wilson plays her own grandmother, Alison Wilson, in the new BBC1 drama, Mrs Wilson, which also features more than one Mrs Wilson. We'll give you a second to figure this out.

The three-part drama features Alexander Alec Wilson, novelist and MI6 agent who was also the grandmother of actress Ruth Wilson. After his death, his carefully guarded secrets were revealed when his wife Alison made a discovery: he had more than one wife.

Here are all the characters you need to know – and the stars that interpret them …

Ruth Wilson plays her grandmother, Alison Wilson

Mrs. Wilson - Ruth Wilson

Who is Alison Wilson? Alison met her future husband Alexander "Alec" Wilson while working as a secretary at MI6 during World War II. They soon married and had two children, Nigel and Gordon. Alec spent periods working "disguised" after the war and also writing his novels, while Alison went to work as a secretary. But after her husband's death from a heart attack at her home in Ealing in 1963, she suddenly discovered that her life was a patchwork of lies …

What else was Ruth Wilson in? On TV, she is best known for her roles as Alice Morgan in crime drama Luther and as Alison Lockhart in the American drama The Affair. His film credits include Anna Karenina, The Loner Archer, Saving Mr Banks and Dark River. She is also a theater actress with several Olivier awards in her name, and will play Marisa Coulter in the Philip Pullman His Dark Materials series.

Iain Glen plays Alec Wilson

Ian Glen as Alexander in Mrs. Wilson

Who is Alec Wilson? Ruth Wilson's real-life grandfather is the mystery at the center of this drama, especially after his death when the truth begins to appear. As a novelist, spy and MI6 officer, he was married to more than one woman and had more than one family, weaving intelligent stories to prevent their lives from colliding.

What else was Iain Glen in? The actor starred as Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones, Dr. Alexander Isaacs in the Resident Evil films, and Sir Richard Carlisle in Downton Abbey. Other recent credits include Delicious, Cleverman and My Cousin Rachel.

Elizabeth Rider plays Gladys Wilson

Elizabeth Rider plays Gladys Wilson in Mrs. Wilson

Who is Gladys Wilson? The woman who believes she is the "true" Mrs. Wilson. She is surprised to find that Alison Wilson was also married to her husband Alec.

What else was Elizabeth Rider in? Her long resume includes roles as DCI Lynette Driver in Doctors and Mary in Doctor Foster as well as appearances in Doctor Who, Our Zoo, Lewis, The Casual Vacancy, Waking the Dead and Call the Partwife.

Fiona Shaw plays Coleman

Fiona Shaw plays Coleman in Mrs. Wilson 2

Who's Coleman? A formidable MI6 boss, whom we met when Alec and Alison worked for her in 1940.

What else was Fiona Shaw in? She actually played the very similar role of secret service chief Carolyn Martens in Killing Eve, give or take away the setting of the period. In addition, Fiona Shaw is known for her role as Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter films, and for playing Marnie Stonebrook in True Blood, but she is also a highly experienced stage actress with a pair of Olivier Awards.

Keeley Hawes plays Dorothy

Keeley Hawes plays Dorothy in Mrs. Wilson

Who is Dorothy? This still needs to be revealed, but if you're curious (and do not mind spoilers!), You can read the real-life story behind Mrs. Wilson.

What else was Keeley Hawes in? Recently she was on our screens playing Household Secretary Julia Montague in the BBC drama Bodyguard. She also plays Louisa Durrell in The Durrells, and has starred in The Missing, Line of Duty, Spooks and Ashes to Ashes.

Patrick Kennedy plays Dennis Wilson

Patrick Kennedy plays Dennis Wilson on Mrs. Wilson

Who's Dennis? Alexander Wilson's son from his wedding with Gladys. When his father dies and the truth about his marriage to Alison appears, Dennis is the one who takes control and helps plan the logistics of the funeral.

What else was Patrick Kennedy in? If his face looks familiar, it's because he has already appeared in a number of movies and TV shows including The First, Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, Parade's End and Atonement.

Otto Farrant plays Nigel Wilson

Otto Farrant plays Nigel Wilson on Mrs. Wilson

Who is Nigel? Alison and Alec's youngest son. He is about 18 years old when his father dies, and mourning hits him hard. (Nigel is also the father of Ruth Wilson.)

What else was Otto Farrant in? In 2013, he appeared in The White Queen as Thomas Gray. He also played Petya Rostov in War & Peace and Evan Jones in Marcella.

Calam Lynch plays Gordon Wilson

Calam Lynch plays Gordon Wilson on Mrs. Wilson

Who is Gordon? Alison and Alexander's eldest son.

What else has Calam Lynch in? The actor made a brief appearance in the film Dunkirk.

Anupam Kher plays Shahbaz Karim

Anupam Kher plays Shahbaz Karim in Mrs. Wilson

Who is Shahbaz Karim? A mysterious man Alison meets at Alec's funeral. He knew her husband when he lived in India between wars.

What else was Anupam Kher in? The Indian actor has appeared in more than 500 films in several languages, in addition to many pieces. English speakers may know you from Sense8, The Big Sick or The Boy with the Topknot.

Ms. Wilson begins on Tuesday, November 27, at 9 pm on BBC1

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