Where can you buy PlayStation Move Controllers for PSVR?


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Sony's PlayStation Move Motion Controllers are a non-essential part of the PlayStation VR experience, but if you want to make the most of your virtual reality headset, you'll need to get a pair. Some of the best peripheral games, such as Beat Saber and SUPERHOT VR, require you to use double wands, while others like Batman: Arkham VR and PSVR Worlds are best experienced with light batons at hand.

But where can you buy a pair of PS Move controls for your new PSVR headset? Unless you have purchased a package including the drivers in the box, your luck may be drying up. Despite re-packaging and rebranding the old PlayStation 3 wands for the PlayStation 4, there's a serious shortage of them in retail right now. While stock issues were expected at launch, it is disconcerting that this is the case more than two years after the introduction of PSVR. In fact, the devices that most of the songwriters are currently charging with triple values ​​for a pair are so rare.

Amazon will probably be its first port of call, where a pair of wands used in the UK will cost about £ 105 at the cheapest. Prices range up to £ 200 for a pair sealed – almost as much as the PSVR headset itself:

PS Move Amazon UK

It's a similar story on eBay where the rate seems to be around 50 pounds for a single motion controller or 100 pounds for a couple. A specific listing is charging over £ 600 for a double pack, which is the price you would pay for a PS4 Pro, PSVR, and a handful of games. Take a look for yourself:

PS Move eBay UK

The story is very similar in North America with the used PS Move motion controllers available for about $ 100 and with twin packages closed up to $ 170:

PS Move Amazon USA

What is particularly problematic is that most of the major Sony PSVR packages do not include the motion controllers in the box. In Europe, you can buy the Mega Pack, which includes five games, a headset and a camera – but no wands. In the meantime, in the US, there is a package available with Beat Saber and Borderlands 2 VR that includes motion controllers, but what is getting the company's entire marketing budget is the Moss and Astro Bot Rescue Mission option, which is shipped without brightness. sticks

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It's a strange situation, because motion controllers are clearly a central part of the PSVR's experience, but they are pursuing extortion rates. Why is not Sony manufacturing new units? Could it be because it has a new motion controller in the pipeline? We did not expect anything like this until the PlayStation 5, so this is presumably a manufacturing issue or a supply chain.

If you want to buy a PSVR headset, this is something you should keep in mind until it is fixed. While you need If the PS moves the wands to experience virtual reality, you'll want them to get the most out of the headset. And with prices now close to extortion, it's something that the platform holder will have to fix.

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