UK Weather Forecast: Fireworks "PERFECT" at Bonfire Night Conditions, says Met Office | Weather News


It will also be gentle mild because of the "south wind".

Simon Partridge meteorologist said, "If you're on a Sunday night at the Fireworks Night if you are not in the southwest, then you have to be fairly decent – dry, fine, some clear skies first.

Later, the night will be a bit dull but nothing "bad."

West Wales, South West England, and finally the edges of Northern Ireland will see some rain as the night continues.

Today, cloud and humidity in Central England is experienced.

Further north it will be dry with wind waves, but it will be very north-west with the shower.

The weather from the southwest in the afternoon causes persistent and sometimes heavy rain in South West England and South Wales.

On Monday it is mild and cloudy across England and Wales.

The rain in Northern Ireland and Scotland gradually moves north-west while the sun continues.

It will be evident in Scotland this afternoon, but it will continue to float over Northern Ireland over much of the day.

Mr. Partridge said, "The rest of the United Kingdom must be dry, with some decent sunshine spells in South-South, Central and South-England."

Due to the south wind and the sunlit spells, the temperature can be 14 or 15 degrees.

On Tuesday it creates wet and windy conditions in the western areas, but becomes eastern and becomes more beautiful.

On Wednesday the rain floods the thunderstorms.

The British will have a cold start on Thursday before the rain comes from the Atlantic Ocean.


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