Tom, 83, and Pauline, 82, visited McDonald's every day for 23 years


If you think you love McDonald's, you have nothing on this couple.

Tom Jones, 83, and his 82-year-old wife Pauline visit McDonald's every day for the past 23 years – and say they do not believe fast food can make people fat.

In order to visit his favorite restaurant on Southgate Street, Bath, the couple has to walk two and a half miles from their home.

Tom Jones, 83, and his wife Pauline, 82, visited McDonald's every day for the last 23 years (Photo: Somerset Live / SWNS)

Pauline said, "Let's have a coffee at 8:30 a.m. and then take a look at the shops.

"At age 10, we're back to what we call snack!"

Tom added, "We came here seven days a week, every day.

"Besides when we were on vacation, we did not lose a day in 23 years."

Tom's regular banquet consists of a Big Mac, while Pauline is a bit more adventurous and has what interests him most in the day.

His favorite restaurant is on Southgate Street, Bath, two and a half miles from his home (Photo: Somerset Live / SWNS)

One day, this could be chicken or chicken nuggets, a pack of chicken BBQ, she said.

Pauline said: "We like to come back here every day because of the sympathy.

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"The staff is always so helpful – we even felt like part of the building – part of the furniture.

"We always feel like they know who we are and are very kind.

'I care that I always thank, and I think that goes a long way.

Tom loves a Big Mac, while Pauline will have everything he wants on the day (Photo: Somerset Live / SWNS)

"It's like a second home for us.

"We like it in the morning when it's not as busy as it's a bit hectic at dinner time.

"We are not bar people and we value the community we meet at McDonald's."

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Tom said that the perception that much of the food in the chain could lead people to being overweight is "wrong."

He added, "I just want to say that all this nonsense about McDonald's is getting fat. Look at us!

However, Tom pointed out that they remain lean and fit into their eighties because of the exercise they include in their daily routine.

Paul Pearson, owner of Southgate Street Restaurant, said the couple was the "perfect symbol" of the difference that McDonald's can make in a community.


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