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The Welsh government publishes a list of approved ‘essentials’ and says stores CAN use ‘discretion’ for non-essentials

The Welsh government published a list of approved “essential” items and said that stores CAN use “discretion” in selling non-essential items during the blockade.

Ministers doubled the measures after a powerful fight over supermarkets that refused to sell sanitary napkins and baby milk during the “fire” blockade.

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Mark Drakeford told stores to use "criterion" selling non-essential items


Mark Drakeford told stores to use “discretion” when selling non-essential itemsCredit: PA: Press Association
Infant milk received a "not essential" tag on a Tesco - but now added to the essential list


Baby milk received a “non-essential” label on a Tesco – but has now been added to the essentials listCredit: Wales News Service
Books were also considered "not essential" but beer and alcohol are allowed


Books were also considered “non-essential”, but beer and alcohol are allowedCredit: Athena Picture Agency

The list of “essential” items that can be purchased in Welsh supermarkets has been expanded to include milk and baby clothes.

The Welsh government said on Tuesday that it had “positive discussions” with key retailers and unions about the rules.

But the restriction of products in supermarkets will remain in effect until the end of the blockade on November 9.

There are now 10 types of products that can be sold in Wales – including food and beverages and “food and drink aids” items, which include aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

Supermarkets can also sell personal care products and cosmetics, including hygiene products – as well as baby products, including equipment, clothing and diapers.

This last list comes after Drakeford said last night: “I recognize that there will be some people who, for totally unexpected reasons that they could not have predicted, will need to buy items.

“In the circumstances where these welfare reasons are at stake, we will make sure that our supermarkets understand that they are free to apply the rules differently.


  • Food and drink.
  • Pharmaceutical products.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Stationery and greeting cards.
  • Products related to the sale of food and beverages – mainly disposable items used for the preparation and storage of food such as aluminum foil, bags and plastic films, but also basic products needed to prepare and eat food and drinks.
  • Products for washing clothes and cleaning and maintenance of the house, including batteries and lamps.
  • Toiletries and cosmetics – including sanitary products.
  • Baby products, including clothes and diapers.
  • Pet food and other pet supplies.
  • Bicycle and automobile maintenance products.

He added: “Supermarkets can sell anything that can be sold in any other type of store that is not required to close. In the meantime, please leave the house only if you need to.”

Wales’ “fire-blocking” means that non-essential retailers, pubs, restaurants and gyms will have to close by 9 November in an attempt to contain rising infection rates.

People were given new orders to stay at home and told not to take long trips.

Schools will be closed in the middle of the term – this week – and all students under the 8th grade will be able to return to classrooms next week.

But older students must return to remote learning.

In a slump yesterday, the Welsh government said yesterday that it would speak to the retail sector to make sure that the policy of banning the sale of “non-essential items” – designed to keep store visits short – was being applied wisely.

It happens after piles of children’s milk were slapped with a plaque that considered them “non-essential”, causing fury in mothers

And yesterday, Welsh customer Katie was furious when she found out she couldn’t buy sanitary napkins at the supermarket.

Tweeting the supermarket giant to complain, posting: “Can you explain to me why I was told today that I cannot buy PERIOD PADS because I am sure they are essential for women? !!!


“But I can buy alcohol – it doesn’t make sense.”

Tescos was slapped by the Welsh government after it claimed on Twitter that they “would not sell these items during the fire block”.

The shadow health minister for Welsh conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said the ban on supermarkets in Wales selling non-essential items during the country’s firewall block “should be abandoned today”.

Davies said that a woman’s “chaos and confusion” being told incorrectly that she could not buy hygiene products in a supermarket was a direct result of the ban.

“This ridiculous policy has caused real anger and is not fair to the people who work in our supermarkets and the Welsh public in general, who are now losing their minds with the labor ministers,” he added.

And groups representing supermarkets and stores have called for the controls to be discarded and individuals to be able to buy whatever they want.

CBI Wales, the Welsh Retail Consortium and the Association of Convenience Stores, said: “We recommend that the individual customer be trusted to make their own decision about whether a product is non-essential or not, taking into account the warnings displayed throughout the store. and your immediate needs.

“If the customer proceeds with the purchase of the item, the ultimate responsibility should lie with the customer.”

He added: “These recommendations mean that non-essential items are not removed from shelves or insulated in stores, but large notices are placed in front of products and in common spaces informing customers about Welsh government regulations and the Welsh public are trusted to make the right decision.

“We are looking forward to getting involved with the Welsh government again this morning and we hope that a consensus can be reached.”

Fury when the client said she cannot buy sanitary napkins at Tesco in Wales because they are not essential

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