Sunday , June 20 2021

Strictly Come Dancing's Joe Sugg reveals whether he is already planning to marry his partner Dianne Buswell

Strictly Come DancingJoe Sugg has revealed that he has no plans to marry his partner Dianne Buswell yet.

YouTuber confirmed the affair with his professional dance partner last month by writing in an Instagram post that he "earned something a million times more special" than the coveted Glitter Ball program.

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Since then, the duo have overflowed on social networks, with Dianne saying that Joe is "all that makes her happy".

Strictly Come Dancing, week 8, Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell


However, when asked if he had any plans to take the relationship one step further and ask the question, Joe said The sun: "Absolutely not.

"We do not think much of the future, we're taking everything as it is.

"We have a very busy year coming and we just pick and choose what we want to do."

According to Joe's Nan, he is "upside-down" by Dianne. "I may be 95 years old, but I could see that sparkle in his eyes – and the way they looked at each other," she said. Mail Online.



"He brought Dianne to meet me too and that's a sign that there's romance on the air. She looked like a lovely girl – I think he might be upside down."

However, she said that Joe did not go to the show in search of romance, adding, "Sometimes these things just happen, we'll have to wait and see if he brings her here to meet the family."

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