Ryanair mocks British Airways as the flight lands wrong in Edinburgh


An attempt by Ryanair to make fun of a British Airways flight that missed landing at Edinburgh backfired on the low-cost airline.

A publication on Ryanair's official Twitter account said the company had a "gift" for BA – a copy of Geography for Dummies.

The posting was made after a BA plane bound for Dusseldorf, Germany, landed in the Scottish capital on Monday, believed to have been caused by confusion in the flight documentation.

However, Ryanair's decision to ridicule the rival airline caused a backlash in social media.

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Twitter users responded by making a series of book suggestions that Ryanair could read, including "Customer Service for the Laity."

The plane landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf on Monday. Photo: f11 foto / Shutterstock

The plane landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf on Monday. Photo: f11 foto / Shutterstock

Nick Lyes (@nicholaslyes) posted: "Ryanair would probably have charged extra."

Fellow @ user travelingpsych1 Twitter posted a timely reminder, saying: "I can remember @Ryanair from the FR8582 flight from London to Thessaloniki, Greece, which landed in Timisoara, Romania (500 miles and 2 international borders from its supposed destination). Maybe you can read "Geography for Dummies" first … "

A post from BA's official account said, "Now, now, nobody's perfect."

Other Twitter users mocked Ryanair for its practice of flying to airports that are miles away from the supposed destination. Among these remote airports is Beauvais, which is more than 80 kilometers north of Paris, but is marketed as a route to the French capital.

Ryanair was again named the least appreciated short-haul airline in the UK as a result of a survey announced in January.

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Passengers aboard the BA flight were left stunned when they were greeted with a "Welcome to Edinburgh" message after landing in the Scottish destination.

Initially realizing it was a joke, travelers only realized they were in Edinburgh when the captain entered the BA3271 cabin and asked people to raise their hands if they hoped to go to Dusseldorf. Later they were taken to the German city after a delay of two hours on the runway of Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh airport said the landing was a "surprise".


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