Rockstar warns gamers that Red Dead Online beta progress may not be permanent •


Rockstar warned Red Dead Online gamers that the progress made during its newly released beta may not be permanent.

The beta version of Red Dead Online started earlier today, ushering in the first wave of players in what is set to be a one-week, step-by-step release. According to Rockstar, the slow release of the beta is intended to "[ease] our servers and systems to handle the growing player base. "

Unlike many "betas" nowadays, which exist primarily as marketing tools, not for meaningful testing purposes, Rockstar says that Red Dead Redemption will remain in beta for as long as needed – "which can take several weeks or months. " – to create a "complete, fun and fully functional experience".

"Our goal is to provide a stable and fun experience by collecting as much crucial information and feedback as possible to help us continuously improve Red Dead Online," he explained in his extensive early-access news post.

To that end, Rockstar is reminding players that there may be certain circumstances where progress may be lost. "We hope that all the players' progress during this initial beta period can remain intact in the long run," wrote the developer, "but with many betas for large-scale online experiences like this, there is always a chance we can be necessary to implement hierarchies or other statistical resets in case of problems. "

In other words, it's best not to get too attached to your character's progress, despite the fact that the beta test may continue for some time.

It's not a surprising revelation, for sure, but in this age where words & # 39; beta & # 39 ;, Stress testing & # 39; and & # 39; demo & # 39; are widely used interchangeably, it is certainly wise to remind the players they are getting into. Still, it is unlikely that anyone will complain very loudly about a company doing things the old-fashioned way, when we have all seen the ugly mess of shame and we regret the results when you do not.


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