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Richard Madden was "thankful" for the death of Game of Thrones in the third season


Note: The following article contains spoilers for The Game of Thrones Season 8.

Old The Game of Thrones Richard Madden admitted he was "grateful" for his departure from the HBO fantasy series six years ago.

The character of actor Robb Stark was killed during the infamous Red Wedding in season three, and Richard is really happy to have left the show early in his development.

Talisa and Robb Stark in Game of Thrones


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"It was such a difficult thing to finish because from the first driver to my death it was five years," Amy Adams told Actors of the Variety of Actors.

"But five years was a great time to be on the show.This helped me a lot with my career and experience.I learned a lot from the 30 hour television footage.

"You really start learning the craft by doing it. And then I was grateful to leave it."

Richard Madden, EE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

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"Actors must now be 11 years old to play these characters," added Richard. "Give these guys some medals, because this is a marathon."

Meanwhile, the former King of the North previously shared his brutal theory about who would sit on the Iron Throne before the grand finale aired earlier this year.

"I kind of think it's just three dragons flying and everyone's dead," he predicted last year. "It's a possibility!"

Well, little did he know at the time, when the end saw his brother Bran named King of the Six Kingdoms, while Sansa Stark became independent Northern Queen, eventually reaching what Robb intended to do in the early seasons.

The Game of Thrones aired on HBO in the US, and you can also follow the show via Hulu. Viewers in the UK can join Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

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