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Real live baby news: Updates like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for the birth of the first child

How should Meghan spend time waiting for the baby's arrival?

The Press Association spoke with a birth specialist about "playing the baby's waiting game."

1. Nesting

"One of the things some parents like to do is the latest preparations at home," said Amy Delicate, a prenatal teacher at the National Childbirth Trust (NCT).

From batch-cooking favorite meals and stocking healthy snacks to arranging the nursery, Meghan is likely to be nesting in her new Frogmore Cottage home on the Windsor Estate.

2. Staying Active

Staying as active as possible is an important way to prepare women for childbirth.

Ms Delicate said, "If Meghan or other mothers have done things like yoga or swimming or walking, try to keep doing this.

"Being active can really help prepare you for birth.

"This can help the baby's head to get involved in the pelvis and help get a woman to work more smoothly."

3. Relaxation

Mothers-to-be should also make sure that they relax before giving birth.

"Meghan should take the time to conserve some energy, not just for labor, but also for when the newborn arrives," Delicate said.

"Some people see this relaxation as the time to care, like a haircut or nail, or whatever helps them to feel more relaxed."

4. nights of the date

Harry and Meghan can make the most of their free nights by booking a few nights.

The NCT specialist said, "I encourage parents to take advantage of the time they have before the baby arrives – date at night or go to the movies, have dinner with friends – things they may not be able to do so easily when the baby is on here".

She added that relaxation and happiness are important because they help produce the hormone oxytocin, which causes labor.

5. Reviewing Birth Plans

The final countdown to the arrival of the baby Sussex could be used to check any birthing plans, suggested Ms Delicate.

The Duke and Duchess could look at the last minute questions they had with their consultant or midwife, or change their preparations, depending on how Meghan was feeling.

6. Listening to Your Body

"The shape of a woman and how comfortable she feels can almost change from hour to hour late in pregnancy," Delicate said.

"What a woman could have done in yoga poses yesterday may be very different today."

She advised Meghan to check in with her attendance team and to look for changes in activity, pangs, pain and the onset of contractions in their last days of pregnancy.

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