Prince Philip, 97, gives up the driving license


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Prince Philip was seen driving a replacement Land Rover two days after the crash

The Duke of Edinburgh must voluntarily give up his driver's license, said Buckingham Palace.

It comes after the 97-year-old Duke apologized for a car accident near the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, where his Land Rover Freelander landed sideways after a collision with a Kia.

Two days later, the Norfolk Police gave him "adequate advice words" after he was seen driving without a seat belt.

Buckingham Palace said he handed over his license on Saturday.

In a statement, the palace said: "After careful consideration, the Duke of Edinburgh made the decision to voluntarily surrender his driver's license."

The Norfolk Police confirmed that the duke had handed over his license to the officers and would now be returned to the DVLA.

The collision investigation file was passed to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The duke wrote to a woman wounded in the accident, which happened on January 17 on the A149, near the queen's estate.

He escaped the injury, but Emma Fairweather, a passenger at Kia, broke her wrist.

Kia was carrying three people, including a nine-month-old baby, her mother who drove, and Ms. Fairweather, 46 years old.

In the letter to Ms Fairweather, dated January 21, the duke recognized the "very distressing experience."

"I'd like you to know how sorry I am for my involvement in the accident," he wrote on Sandringham House letterhead.

"The sun was shining on the main road. Under normal conditions, I would not have trouble seeing the traffic coming … but I can only imagine that I could not see the car coming, and I'm very sorry for the consequences."

Ms Fairweather had already criticized the duke for lack of communication after the crash.

The mother of two told the Sunday Mirror: "I found it very cool that he signed up as" Philip "and not the formal title," I was pleasantly surprised because of the personalized nature. "

The duke suggested that he did not see the Kia because of the bright sun.

After the fall, the royal biographer Hugo Vickers told the BBC: "Any kind of car accident at age 97 can cause a shock.

"A few years ago he gave up flying planes long before he needed them, because he was afraid that if anything happened, there would be a lot of criticism.

"You know, why was he, at 55, still flying a plane when he should have retired at 48 or something?

"Then he hears these things – he's very sensible."

In 2016, the famous Duke led the Obamas when the then President of the United States and the First Lady visited Windsor.

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Media LegendPrince Philip was 94 when he ran the Obamas and his wife, the Queen

Prince Philip retired from public life in August 2017, having spent decades supporting the Queen and attending events for his own charities and organizations.

Buckingham Palace has estimated that it has completed 22,219 commitments only since 1952.

Since retiring from the official individual functions, he has appeared in public alongside the Queen and other members of the Royal Family at events and religious cults.

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