Opera for Android ships with free VPN


If you are not familiar with VPNs, the service allows you to create a private connection to a remote server that communicates with the sites you are visiting. Instead of sending and receiving information through a public network where they could be intercepted by a malicious actor, all such exchanges are handled by the server. With an encrypted connection between your phone and the VPN server, your data is undecipherable to anyone trying to spy on your actions online.

Opera's integrated VPN uses 256-bit encryption to protect data. It also obscures the user's true location by connecting to servers located around the world. Although the company did not specify what will be available for the locations of its VPN, the beta allowed users to select servers in America, Europe, or Asia, or use a setting to automatically choose the best available connection. Opera is also promising not to keep records of user activity, so it will not retain any data in a way that allows anyone to identify an individual based on their online activity.


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