Note taken from Steam after the announced PS4 date


The good news is that Observation – the science fiction thriller Stories Untold Developers No Code – has release date. Announced during the "State of Play" stream, centered on Sony's PS4, will be released on May 21. The troubling news is that the game's Steam store page has disappeared, as has any mention of Steam (or any PC showcase) on its official homepage. Publisher Returns does not mention a PC version in Your Twitter Release Date Announcement, or. Below, the new trailer for the PS4 version of the game, which looks really cool.

I hope removing the page from the Steam store signals that maybe the game is moving to another store. That would be slight irritation at worst. It would be sad, in fact, if Sony had solved this as exclusivity. The actual type where the game is on another platform entirely. Many people have already brought up the issue of the fading shop with Devolver and No Code on social media, but so far they are not answering any questions about it.

Observation is an exciting sound game. A cinematic adventure, putting players in the role of an AI space station, trying to help the seemingly lonely survivor of some horrible disaster. I fortunately have a PS4 to go back to if the PC version is actually canceled, but it would be a shame. Fingers crossed. I contacted the developer and publisher and will update with all the information that appears later. Until then, keep a steady orbit and read the preview Alice Bell from a few months ago.


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