Sunday , March 7 2021

Niagara Falls becomes winter wonders while it completely freezes

New photos of Niagara Falls show the attraction looking like a direct scene from the Disney movie Frozen.

Temperatures in Ontario, Canada, fell to -18 ° C, resulting in more photogenic falls than at the beginning of the month, when they froze.

Steam can be seen rising from the Falls, as the water temperature is warmer than the icy air, creating the ethereal effect.

Large chunks of ice formed with the water flowing around them, while trees and rocks around are submerged in the snow.

Elsewhere in North America, Chicago was particularly hit by the polar vortex, with video showing Lake Michigan frozen.

There are also pictures of the Chicago River stuck in a deep freeze – a boat can be seen making a way through the ice.

Average temperatures in Chicago plummeted to -17C, making it the second coolest day ever recorded in the last 150 years.

The locals were told to "not breathe very deeply" due to extreme cold.

Closer to home, parts of England and Wales are on amber alert after the Met Office warned of possible snow and ice conditions until 9pm on Friday.

Icebreaker passes Chicago River past Wabash Avenue Bridge during freezing

Cornwall, North Wales, northwest England and the west region of Scotland have been hit by heavy blizzards.

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