New 50-pound note of British scientific advice released by the Bank of England


The Bank of England has published the list of scientists who have been named to take their face in the new £ 50.

The appointments do not close until December 14, but the bank has already had 114,000 votes for 803 eligible candidates.

    Top candidates for the face of the new £ 50 notes
Top candidates for the face of the new £ 50 notes

Well-known names on the list include Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace and Rosalind Franklin.

Also featured are Professor Stephen Hawking, Dorothy Hodgkin and Frederick Sanger, as well as Magnus Pyke and Marie Stopes.

Margaret Thatcher also appears on the list, although it is unclear what her contribution to science is.

There are more than three times as many men on the list as women. Men have more than 600 indications, while women have just over 300.

Who are some of the front runners?

The bookmakers William Hill published their odds for each of the potential candidates for the £ 50 bill.

Stephen Hawking – 2/7

Bookie's favorite is Professor Stephen Hawking with odds of 2/7.

The theoretical physicist and the cosmologist emerged as favorites shortly after the announcement, with Professor Brian Cox making his endorsement.

Alan Turing – 5/1

He is celebrated as the father of theoretical computer science and a pioneer of artificial intelligence. He was also one of Bletchley Park's coders who deciphered Nazi messages during World War II.

Alexander Fleming – 6/1

Mr. Fleming is a Scottish bacteriologist best known for his discovery of penicillin.

Dorothy Hodgkin – 6/1

The conquest of the chemist in 1964, winning the Nobel Prize for science, made her the first and only British woman to receive the coveted honor. Today, in 2018, she still keeps that record.

His pioneering work on X-ray crystallography revealed the three-dimensional structures of penicillin and insulin. The work led the way for greater treatment for diabetics.

Michael Faraday – 6/1

A British scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism. His main discoveries include the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and electrolysis.

Ada Lovelace – 9/1

Despite dying at age 36 in 1852, she is considered by some to be the first computer programmer.

She worked on a general purpose computer called Analytical Engine, recognizing its potential as more than just calculations.

How will the winner be chosen?

The public has until December 14 to continue appointing scientists. You can refer someone here.

People are being invited to make suggestions, through the Bank's website, of an eminent scientist in areas such as biology, astronomy and medical research.

If they are British, they do not live longer and are not fictitious, so they stand with a chance.

Since the selection process was launched on November 2, the bank received a total of 174,112 nominations. But only 114,000 of them went to candidates who meet the eligibility criteria.

Once the nominations have been closed, the names will be considered by the Advisory Committee for Notes Characters.

It is composed of four experts in the field of science: Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Dr. Emily Grossman, Professor Simon Schaffer and Dr. Simon Singh.

They will join the permanent members of the Committee in creating a short list of the range of suggestions put forward by the public.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney will make the final list choice and the final decision will be announced in 2019 along with a concept for the new note.

Why are the £ 50 bills changing?

Mark Carney announced earlier this year that the new polymer note will celebrate the British conquest in science.

The note will be the last updated to a plastic polymer version.

The new £ 50 will replace the current paper note featuring industry pioneers Matthew Boulton and James Watt.

There is no precise release date yet, but it should be available by 2020.

Both Stephen Hawking and Ada Lovelace have been in bookie shortlists since the new note was announced.

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New £ 50 note will feature a scientist with Stephen Hawking and Ada Lovelace favorites


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