Netflix denies changing end of notebook in streaming service


Updated February 27, 2019: Netflix approached The notebook controversy over Twitter.

Writing on the social media site today, the streaming service denied that they are behind the end and confirmed that an alternate version of the rom-com was "provided" to them. They added that they are busy "getting to the bottom" of the mystery.

Netflix UK tweeted: "Things you should know …

– We do not edit the notebook.

– there was an alternative version and we were provided

– We're getting to the bottom as soon as possible.

– apparently some movies have more than one ending? "

Original story February 26, 2019: Netflix has outraged fans of The notebook after changing the end of the movie. Yes for sure.

The classic romantic, which accompanies the story of the young couple Noah and Allie, when they fall in love in the 1940s, is well known for its painful ending.

like this spoilers if you have not seen …

The end of the notebook

New Line Cinema

The story is told these days by an old man named & quot; Duke & # 39; for a nursing home patient, before we find out that he is the older Noah, and she is Allie, who does not remember Noah because he has dementia.

At the original end of the film, the elderly couple embrace each other in bed when Allie finally remembers Noah before they die in each other's arms.

However, Netflix outraged fans of the film, replacing their last shot in bed along with a more ambiguous bird flying over a lake.

Many viewers have just had the big change in recent days, and although it's unclear why the ending is different, the fans are not happy.

"E-mail @netflix to cancel my subscription! You're not about to ruin my favorite movie like this," wrote an unhappy viewer.

Another added, "Because Netflix has changed the end of the notebook, the best part of seeing it is breaking your heart in the end."

Many more were not having many thanks:

Digital Spy contacted Netflix to comment.

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