Friday , November 22 2019
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Motorola's vertically foldable RAZR shown in cast renditions

The press sues saying that the unannounced Motorola RAZR V4 appeared online in a now-excluded Weibo post. The images were then transferred to SlashLeaks. If it is real, the renderers are the first time we notice the design of the phone outside of a patent and they seem to confirm their carved folding screen design. GSMArena notes that the images show a wireless charging cradle that accompanies the phone next to a typical variety of accessories, all within a triangular prism-shaped package.

The appearance of the RAZR shown on the lines processes the design shown in a patent identified in January, although it is impossible to see whether a separate rumor about a second display on the front of the device is confirmed. Unlike its competitors from Samsung and Huawei, the RAZR seems to fold vertically rather than horizontally. The design means that it is a phone that folds to become more portable instead of a tablet that doubles to be the size of a phone. According Wall Street JournalOriginal report, the phone will cost $ 1,500 when it is released.

When that happens, nobody knows. When Motorola confirmed it was working on a new RAZR in February, it said it would leave "[no] later than everyone else in the market. "However, with no firm release dates announced for its competitors, the delay of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, the statement of Motorola is much less clear.

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