Mother of 10-year-old Britain's eldest son reveals why 16 son STONE is obese


The mother of Britain's 10-year-old son revealed how his 16-year-old son became obese.

The student weighs three times the average of a boy his age.

But his mother says that a stress hormone disorder is to blame and not the excessive intake of junk food.

She claimed that her son did not really eat enough and only got a sandwich for lunch and dinner.

She told The Sun: "He goes without meals. He's very picky about the food he eats.

"We can not understand why he's eating this and not losing weight."

The ten-year-old boy should weigh just under five stones [file image]

The post-mortem report noted that the boy was gaining weight early on [file image]

The average ten-year-old should weigh just under five stones, experts say, but the boy weighs almost four pounds more than the average British man.

The 10-year-old from Hertfordshire has a reduced schedule at school, supposedly because his size means he can not manage a full day.

Her mother is also overweight in Stone 20 and she also has a fat daughter.

The boy's mother says he used to exercise regularly [file image]

She claims that her son was active, swam and boxed, but his weight still rose.

She said doctors did not believe her child's weight was due to genetics and said, "The only thing is the hormones." Stress hormones did not help.

According to researchers, more than four million British children are classified as overweight or obese.

Social services have borne an overweight child from their parents in Manchester in 2017, but say they will only act if the child is at risk of significant harm.

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