More than 1,200 accounts banned by mistake at Fortnite World Cup


Epic Games has banned more than 1,200 Fortnite revoked accounts and cash rewards that more than 200 players won after Epic's investigations into fraud in the first week of FortniteWorld Cup online open. The crackdown caught the cheaters who played in various regions, shared accounts and joined, and an account was permanently banned to use fraudulent software.

That crook (whom Epic did not name) used the cheat software during the semifinals of the tournament. The account involved had played "for less than five minutes" before being discovered and banned, Epic said. The vast majority of other sanctioned accounts received bans of two weeks for their misconduct.

Of these, 196 players lost their winnings after being caught, avoiding region locks to play in various regions. Epic said he will change the payment of prizes to others in the tournament, but his improved finishes will not be reflected in FortniteIn the framework of game leaders.

Nine winners lost money to share accounts, and a winner's winnings went unoccupied to the pool. Epic Games said it has added a "real-time team detection algorithm" to its competitive game. Team building, in which players in a solo mode work cooperatively and create a competitive disadvantage for others, can cause players to be banned even in competitive games outside the tournament. Custom matches are not monitored for the collation.

After the first week of qualifying, two players – including one who qualified for the World Cup – were charged with cheating. Epic Games appeared to refer to this in their note to the community yesterday.

"We appreciate the community's concern about the integrity of the competition," said the studio, "but questioning the results of an individual participant without direct evidence unfairly undoes what should be a moment of accomplishment for an individual or team that has made its way there and performed when told.

"Our main goal is to support competition that is fun, inclusive and in line with the general spirit of Fortnite"He added. "The unsportsmanlike conduct of the participants is not within that spirit and will not be tolerated in the Fortnite competition."

The qualifiers for the Fortnite Open World Online tournament began on April 13 and will continue for the next nine weeks. The second week of the qualifiers will focus on the Duos game. The winners win $ 1 million in prizes, and the best artists are nominated for the Fortnite World Cup, which will be held July 26-28 in New York. This post has more on the format of the tournament.


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