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Wade Robson, 36, accused Michael Jackson of abuse

The two men who accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse in the documentary Leaving Neverland said they did not feel their behavior was wrong at the time.

In an interview with CBS's This Morning show, Wade Robson said: "The feeling was, of all the children in the world, here I am.Michael chose me.

"And he also told me," I never did this to anyone else. He chooses me, he loves me. "

Jackson's family says there is "no proof" to prove the allegations.

Robson added, "I believe there are a lot of other boys Michael has abused. I find it hard to believe he has kids for any other reason than not sexually abusing them."

James Safechuck, the other man who appears in Dan Reed's movie and says Jackson abused him, told CBS he did not think he would ever reveal his story.

"I do not know, would I be taking this to the grave?" "I certainly planned to do that." "I had no expectations of telling anyone." "If he was still alive, perhaps I would have taken him to my grave." "

Safechuck, 40, and Robson, 36, both make separate claims in the film that they were abused by Jackson as children in the late 1980s and 1990s.

The interview with the two men comes after four members of Michael Jackson's family gave an interview on CBS on Tuesday.

His brothers Tito, Marlon and Jackie and his nephew Taj Jackson rejected the claims of the film that Jackson abused children during his lifetime.

Taj said his uncle's behavior seemed strange to some, but he was "very innocent," adding, "Your naiveté was your downfall."

Marlon said there was "no single evidence" to support the allegations.

None of the family members interviewed watched the documentary, but Marlon said, "I trust my lawyer."

Jackson's estate is also suing HBO for $ 100 million for Leaving Neverland, which is to air on the US network and Channel 4 next week.

They claim the film, which details the alleged sexual abuse of two boys by the singer, violates a non-depreciation clause in an old contract.

HBO responded by saying that the film's broadcast is still going forward, but now several days earlier than previously agreed – on March 3 and 4.

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