John McAfee triggers the countdown to unmask the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakmoto


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Taking a breath to do Predictions of $ 1 million Bitcoin, it seems that John McAfee has a new narrative to go on. That is, the entrepreneur of polarizing technology is pointing to the greatest mystery in all cryptocurrence, "Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?"

Apparently, John McAfee knows the creator of Bitcoin

The anonymity of the BTC's obscure creator has created a thriving market for people claiming to be the architect of this famous whitepaper. Now it looks like Craig Wright and his gang will be redundant soon because McAfee is getting frustrated and wants the truth in public. A series of extraordinary tweets resulted from the original, so prepare some popcorn.

Does McAfee know who Satoshi is? Smart money is almost certainly not, but as always with John, his past, charisma and accompaniment will still make this new narrative a must-see. Of course, some people are worried about his "exit" from Satoshi, but at this stage we have no evidence or evidence to support Mr. McAfee's knowledge of anything. I take it back, another tweet.

Conspiracy theories are fun, but Satoshi's wallet is key

Conspiracy theories are so powerful because they are typically an exciting story electrified with uncertainty and speculation. Bitcoin's history of origin is at another level because we have an impressive success project for which no one can officially receive credit.

For me, the story revolves around Nakamoto's wallet. While hundreds of thousands of BTC coins remain untouched and still, this story is on the ice. If and when we see some action in the portfolio, this would be the most definite way for the founder to communicate with the community. The fact that this has not happened yet is fascinating. Is it fear or restraint? Maybe they no longer have access or are dead. Alternatively, as a giant keeper of Bitcoin, could it be an attempt to restrict supply in any way?

John McAfee, bitcoin, Satoshi

John McAfee believes the time is near for Satoshi Nakamoto to reveal he / she / they / its-its. | Source: Flickr

McAfee knows how to take advantage of an encryption story

What we do know is that John McAfee can leverage this uncertainty to tremendous attention before his likely presidential race. Let's enjoy a fantasy throw and assume he knows what's going on. These tweets are going to have to go somewhere. McAfee defined the countdown here and limited it to the country of residence of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Unfortunately, there is an obvious exit for J Mac in all of this. He can simply state that he has changed his mind and it would be very dangerous or harmful to reveal the founder of Bitcoin. That would be annoying, but that's what we should all expect at the end of it. What we've learned is that it's not worth contacting Mr. McAfee and pretending to be Satoshi because he can sniff you a mile away.

Anyone alien to aliens?

True or not, it will be a lot of fun to watch this game. I hope it ends up being an alien AI. An old homo sapiens regular would be a disappointment.


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