Ian Wright predicts EVERY Liverpool and the Man City game … this is the winner of the Premier League | Football | Sport


Liverpool are top of the Premier League table, two points clear of second-placed Manchester City.

However, City has a game in hand with the title rivals, so it has 24 points to play compared to the 21 Reds.

In the Premier League Today, Wright was asked to predict the outcome of each match for both sides, but not knowing what that meant for the title.

The Arsenal legend can only see Liverpool losing two more points with a 2-2 draw at Tottenham on Saturday.

However, he believes City will attract both Spurs and rivals Manchester United in April.

Wright's predictions show that Liverpool ends its 29-year wait for a top-flight title beating City by just one point.

And when he was shown the result, he was delighted.

"One point, they did it for a point!" Wright said about Liverpool.

"Well, this is what I'm waiting for [that it goes down to the last day].

"I'm very pleased with this because I genuinely believe Tottenham will draw against both.

"And I think the Manchester derby at this stage of the season will be so intense.

"I can see a draw for Manchester City also at United.

"Even seeing the champions' mark makes me very excited.

"You know my predictions are not a million miles away, I get a lot of mail saying" you were right, you were right. "

"I hope I'm right, but I can not see Man City losing too much, I just can not see them losing too much.

"This is the pressure that both are under now, with massive games in and around him."


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