How to watch the 8th season of Game of Thrones in the US and UK


IIt's been two years since Jon Snow appeared on Twitter, but finally, Long Night is over, and now Aegon Targaryen is trending again. Game of Thrones returned to HBO and Sky Atlantic with its eighth and final season earlier this week.

While this may bring a tear to your eye that Game of Thrones is almost over, at least your Mondays will be filled with a thrill of white-breasted fighting and strolling for the next two months.

With the schedules already set for Monday evenings and the planned dinners, see everything you need to know about this year's most anticipated cultural event.

At what time does Game of Thrones appear in the US?

Fans in America can watch every episode of Game of Thrones on HBO at 9:00 PM Eastern Sunday night.

So, when can I watch in the UK?

In the uncivilized hour of 2am Monday morning, Sky Atlantic will simulate each episode – yes, it's not very ideal if you're starting to work three hours later and your mind is just swarming with questions and anticipation for the next episode .

Being Sunday, you might have been better off going to bed at a normal time, staying well away from Twitter (and any crazy friends who, armed with Pro Plus and RedBull, barely caught a wink), and waiting for Monday night when the episode starts again at 9 pm on Sky and Now TV.


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